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Bimini Bahamas is a very special place.  The Bahamas has long been known as a place of gin clear water, sugar sand beaches and a laid back lifestyle.  Bimini, is the closest Bahama island to the US and is the first stop off for many wanting to enjoy a Bahamas getaway.



Bimini Bahamas 

An "Island in the Stream" Bimini Bahamas 


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Bimini Bahamas is truly an “Island in the Stream” … it hovers at the edge of a sheer underwater cliff that falls thousands of feet into a dark blue abyss. The Gulf Stream rushes northward, washing past Bimini, nurturing its thriving coral reefs and serving as the aquatic super highway for everything from marlin to mantas, dolphin to sea turtles. It’s a one of a kind location that, coupled with a colorful history, makes Bimini a favorite diving and fishing getaway.

It is actually made up of 2 islands … North and South Bimini, with only a short 5 minute ferry ride separating the 2 islands. The waters surrounding the islands are gin clear and make up some of the most pristine beaches of the world.

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Bimini has an intriguing past … it is only 50 miles off the Florida coast and is the closest Bahamian island to the US. During prohibition, Bimini served as a liquor warehouse. Hooch was stored by Rum runners both ashore and on ship called the S.S. Sapona that still rests where it grounded during a hurricane in 1926. The concrete ship, as it is nicknamed, is one of the Caribbean’s very best shallow water wreck sites for snorkelers and divers alike.

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Bimini Bahamas is known for its laid back way of life and this is probably what attracted one of Bimini’s most famous visitors, Ernest Hemingway. In the 1930’s he docked his boat, Pilar, on Bimini and returned often falling into the Bimini “way of life” that included swimming off the beach, snorkeling, trolling for monster game fish and of course, tossing back more than a few rums with the locals.

Most visitors tend to look for that same laid back lifestyle.

Now don’t confuse laid back with boring. This Bahama island has a boatload of things to see and do. Bimini offers you the amazing chance to interact with wild Atlantic spotted dolphins that tend to gather north of the island, casting flies for bonefish on the flats of The Bahamas Bank, kayaking to the legendary “Healing Hole” ... a natural spring amid the mangrove mud that pumps lithium and sulfur ... and scuba diving on wrecks, reefs, “off the wall” or atop the mysterious Bimini Road that some believe is road to Atlantis!

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For those that crave a bit of gambling adventure with their island getaway ... North Bimini, Bahamas now offers a casino!

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Bring your money and have some fun!

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Bimini also offers adventure on land. South Bimini boasts a self guided local nature trail that will educate you on all the local flora and fauna … there is even a Bimini Boa for those snake lovers out there ... a terrific eco-adventure for the whole family.


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Bimini Bahamas has a lot to offer for those visitors looking to have a relaxing vacation ... so get in your boat or hop in an airplane, stop on by and squish your toes in the sand!

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